I was born and raised in a small farming community in Southwestern Michigan. I spent most of my youth on my grandparents farm working and getting into trouble with my brother. Tv and modern amenities weren't on the radar at that point. It was all about the imagination and what I could come up with back then. Once I discovered creative outlets, it was like everything flooded out of me; anything from music, writing, and photography/cinematography. I slowly started to narrow things down as far as what I wanted my medium to be, and photography became my focus.  Always fascinated by cameras since I was a child; such as, stealing a disposable and snapping shots as I ran laughing in my back yard. I have always been a day dreamer and a very visual person. Image creation has become a deep passion of mine that I chase relentlessly, never settling for what I've done. Constantly trying to push myself, and seeing what is possible through photography. Whether it is hiking for 8 hours to get a landscape shot that has been haunting me since my last hike, or roaming the streets waiting for magic to walk  by. Life is about putting yourself out there and chasing the things you love. Walk blindly into passion and let fear guide you to greatness.