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Kevin Huver

From then till now.....

I was born and raised in a small farming community in rural southwestern Michigan. Growing up without most modern amenities we take for granted today and being far removed from any major city; I learned to use my imagination to sharpen my mind.  After high school graduation and by a stroke of luck, I found myself running off to a media arts college in Orlando, Florida. While there I was able to explore my creativity and find my passion within the arts.  I focused all my attention on film production and realized how much I loved working within the camera department.  After graduation and through a series of right place, right time events I found myself in Los Angeles working amongst some of the greatest and most inspiring cameramen I’ve ever known. Spending a decade plus climbing the ladder within the motion picture industry, I saw how much my experience had taught me.  I had learned the craft of story telling and how to create powerful cinematic imagery.  Recently relocating back to the Midwest I saw how I could apply all these amazing and challenging lessons I had learned to my still photography.  In my work I search to create powerful, emotion evoking imagery.