Kevin Huver Photography featured in Fredrick Meijer Gardens publication.

Kevin Huver recently had the opportunity to do a portraiture shoot of Jackie Del Raso for a Fredrick Meijer gardens publication. Kevin’s previous portraiture work has been published in magazines such as Picton and Smoke and Vape Magazine.

Fred and Lena Meijer's vision of an environment of the harmonious marriage of horticulture and art is evidenced through Meijer Gardens. As stewards, the management, horticulture, sculpture & environment, event, facility, and culinary staffs, as well as the committee and volunteer members, all work together mutually embracing their vision. Dennis and I know our donations are being utilized to promote and preserve the sustainability this legacy of love, joy and fellowship, education, and beauty that Meijer Gardens brings to all. - Jackie Del Raso