Kevin Huver Photography partners with the Western Michigan Center for Arts & Technology

Kevin Huver Photography was proud to partner with the Western Michigan center for arts and technology program to teach creative portraiture and product photography. This past month Kevin has invited 3 rising photography students to help shoot events for Fred Meijers Garden and Sculptor Park. “Many incoming students can’t afford the cost of purchasing their own equipment and tuition, “ Kevin explains. “It’s like studying computer science without a computer.”

Before each shoot Kevin assisted with settings and lighting recommendations to help tell the story of the night. The following day they used campus computer to talk about workflow and best practices for effective photo editing. “Taking a collection of shot from 1000 to your ten best is time consuming. Using Photoshop to show layer maps, contrast level, saturation, layer balance is also part of the learning process.”

Kevin was extremely happy with the results, and the enthusiastic attitude of the aspiring photographers. “Photography is 80% personality, 20% skill. For 20 hours a day, someone is going to want to stand next to you. Having the right attitude goes a long way for portraiture in able to deliver a product that they are excited about.”

For more information about upcoming events at Fred Meijer Garden, visit their Facebook page.