Kevin Huver Partners with Grand Rapids Art Prize 11 for City Mural

Kevin Huver and his nonprofit Experience Live Art is proud to partner with local artists Leyna Danelle, Vonnie Woodrick from “I Understand” and Art Prize 11 to work on a year-long mural installation in the local community. After losing her spouse to suicide, Vonnie Woodrick founded a nonprofit called 'I Understand' to raise awareness around suicide. Together with Kevin, Leyna will create a community mural of tiles painted at events held around the city.

The final installation for Artprize 11 scheduled for September 2020 will include videography of the project produced by Kevin Huver. Every month for the next year we will attend events around the city to have people paint tiles. The goal is to raise $30,000 to make the project happen and bring this mural to the community of Grand Rapids.